Our Story


We are Braedyn and Sarah—two outdoorsy(ish) folks exploring Alberta and beyond! Everywhere on Foot was born out of our love for being out in nature and exploring all the beauty it has to offer. We want to share our adventures with you, whether you are an outdoor pro or exploration newbie.

So what sort of stuff will you see on this blog? Well, our favourite way to get out in nature is on foot (as the name of our blog implies 😊). We have a bunch of different hikes planned for 2018, from day trips to backpacking, and we want to share it all with you! Mostly we hike in Alberta, as we live in Edmonton. Something we truly enjoy is exploring the array of natural areas close to the city, but we are also suckers for mountains and try to get out to Jasper and Banff as often as possible. This year we will be going international as we travel to Iceland in July, and are excited to share our travel experiences. In addition to hiking we love to camp (don’t the two just go hand in hand?), and since we live in Alberta we have to be open to winter sports, so we also like to go on winter walks and try our hand at cross-country skiing.



Hi, I am Braedyn. I have been hiking and camping since I was a young pup. Now I mostly take the photos. My favourite hike right now is the Bear's Hump hike in Waterton, because it is a very short climb with a huge payoff at the top. Also Sarah edits every single one of my posts to make it sound like I have spoken English before.



Born and raised in Edmonton, I love our chilly city. I have a BSc in environmental science and am currently finishing my MSc in soil science. Through my experiences in school I grew a passion for the environment and a love for being outdoors. I didn’t grow up camping but I did grow up hiking, and now enjoy both! I’m also a huge plant nerd and can often be spotted wandering away from the pack to check out cool vegetation; in fact, I’m known as the grass queen (as in I won grass identification competition). Cool, huh? When I’m not digging in the soil and staring at plants I love running and have completed two half marathons so far. I also enjoy cats, coffee, tea, and knitting. I hope you enjoy our blog!