Pyramid Overlook (5.6km Loop - Moderate

Authour: Braedyn Brosda

I list this hike as moderate because there is a moderate climb, but this has to be one of the easiest mountain view hikes around.

The beginning of the hike is technically the last parking lot along the Pyramid Lake Road. However the last bit of the hike takes you in behind the resort and then along the road, so I think you could park wherever you want and then hop on the trail.

I think this hike has the potential to be my favourite hike. Unfortunately both times I have done it there has been no view to speak of. Those darn B.C. people have sent their smoke into Alberta the past two years from about mid summer to fall. Both times I did this hike smoke filled the valley. I am probably going to try again and again until I get the full experience so stay tuned.

Follow trail 2b from the parking lot which will slowly climb up and around the back of a hill. A short ways up there are a couple of the Parks Canada red chairs but I would walk past because this view is nothing compared to what is to come. After you steadily climb and make it to the top of the hill there will be a fork. Take the right and walk along the ridge as the view gets better and better. Once you get to the spot I am dubbing “the Instagram spot”, where the trees open up and you can see both lakes, you can take a rest and soak up the views of the lakes and mountains. The far lake is Patricia Lake and the close is Pyramid Lake.

I am undecided as to how you should proceed from here. The remainder of the loop is pretty uninspiring and much longer than what you would have already covered, so you could just go back down the way you came . If you choose to complete the loop, you will go down the hill through a forest and then pop out in a small meadow. After the meadow you go back into the forest and then you will see the back of Pyramid Lake Resort. Once you see this your journey is almost over. The trail will take you parallel to the road until you get back to the parking lot, completing the loop.