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MacKinnon Ravine (2.5km)

We didn’t go on a very long walk as you can tell, since the sun was setting, but it was nice to get outside and check out the area. I was really impressed by the food forest and glad to see it doing well! I would definitely recommend all Edmontonians get out and visit the MacKinnon Ravine—there’s a lot of exploring to do here and we just scratched the surface on this walk!

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Kinnaird Highlands Trail - 5.3ish km loop (Easy)

The Kinnaird Highlands trail has become my favourite trail in Edmonton to date. There is a nice mix of nature and cityscapes that keep you entertained on a leisurely stroll by the river. This trail doubles as an off leash area for dogs which Henry, my golden, loves. Sarah was not present for this walk but we did have my dad, Henry, and Penelope (the black dog).

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Whitemud Ravine (Snow Valley to Alfred H. Savage Centre) - 5km Return (Easy)

This 5km return started from the Snow Valley parking lot and goes through the Whitemud Ravine to the Alfred H. Savage Centre, and then returns along the same path. From the parking lot we walked along the flat path through the ravine to the Alfred Savage Centre before returning. The trail follows the creek as it winds through the woods.

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