Flag Hill - - 800m each way (Easy)

The Flag Hill hike is very short, but you should think about doing it if you have twenty minutes or so to spare while in David Thompson Country. The hardest part of the hike is finding the start. But when you do find the trail and complete the hike you get nice views for the minimal effort you spent.


There is a rock pile marking a good entry point from highway 11 just south of preachers point. Some nice souls have put up some flagging tape to guide you through the bush once you get in. Basically, you want to make your way south to the edge of the hill because the trail goes north straight up the hill from the base.

an entrance to the trail

an entrance to the trail

The word hill is no exaggeration, so don’t be worried about a strenuous climb or anything. This hike is more of a leisurely stroll. At the top there is a makeshift flag pole attached to a tree. A new flag is needed as the current one is down to the single third of the red Canadian flag, if that.


This hike gets a 7/10 from me because it’s not difficult and you end up with some nice views. It would be great for any skill level and can be done within an hour easily.