Posts in David Thompson Country
Flag Hill - - 800m each way (Easy)

The Flag Hill hike is very short, but you should think about doing it if you have twenty minutes or so to spare while in David Thompson Country. The hardest part of the hike is finding the start. But when you do find the trail and complete the hike you get nice views for the minimal effort you spent.

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BATUS Canyon - 1.3km Each Way (Easy with Scramble at end)

I had mixed feelings about this hike just after completing it, but it has been growing on me since then. The basic summary of this hike is: go right up the side of the mountain, steadily getting steeper, until you’re scrambling up to the viewpoint. Before setting off I really recommend purchasing a trail guide to help you find the start, as there is no cell service in the area.

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Siffleur Falls - 4km each way (Easy)

I really enjoyed this hike. You encounter a little bit of everything before reaching a viewpoint for the falls. The trail is very well marked and begins in a decently sized parking lot. From Highway 11, just past the Two O'clock Creek Campground on your way to Banff, there are signs for Kootenay Plains on the highway where you should turn for the hike. The parking lot has a sign saying Siffleur Staging Area to confirm that you are in the right spot.

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